Monet's Garden Paintings Come to Life at Adrienne Zernich's Collection Launch

Adrienne Zernich's dress

New York, NY (September 16th, 2010) - While the work of painter Claude Monet dates back to the late 1800s, his renowned vision and classic spirit flooded the Grand Gallery of the National Arts Club on Wednesday, September 15th, when designer Adrienne Zernich debuted her premiere collection fit for a garden party.

While drawing inspiration from one of Monet's most renowned paintings, Zernich's ageless collection showed the whole crowd a concrete and innovative vision all her own.

An ornate hall adorned with pastel paintings set the tone for a collection of timeless elegance. However, it is when Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" opened the show that Adrienne Zernich defied all expectations and put her own spin on women's fashion. In balancing GaGa with Monet, Zernich presented a show of classical ensembles with fun, flirty, and modern edges that would make everyone at the garden party green with envy.

The clean-cut and refined looks matched the colors of Monet's work; bright pinks, yellows and blues ascended the runway in the form of tasteful skirts, smart blouses, and even a stunning white pantsuit accompanied by a pink button-down that would take even Monet's breath away. While meant for a day at the gardens, the versatile collection can also function as the perfect ensemble to wear at the office, out to lunch, or during a lazy day in the countryside. Adrienne Zernich's spring collection gives women of all ages the opportunity to treat everyday like a garden party.

After ten years in the fashion industry, Adrienne Zernich has taken her experience and passion to create a line that transcends time and demonstrates a mastery of her craft. After a fabulous show, Adrienne Zernich has established a firm vision for her independent career; one of eternal beauty mixed with modern style, celebrating the female figure and capturing the essence of the female spirit.

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